The UPAM executive Board has voted to have Virtual Global Conference/Meeting every quarter (4 times a year) and 1 Face to Face Conference.

We are also forming a team to help the planning of our Face to Face conference for the 2nd Quarter 2022 host country still undecided and we are calling on volunteers to join the team. Any member in UPAM can be part of this team so if you and anyone in your country who want to join the Planning team can send their names and contact information. +264-81-210-1200 or +1-720-717-9288 or email us at

Basic responsibilities include:

- Be able to attend Team Planning Meetings virtually.

- Be able to give contributions towards effective planning of the Face to Face Conference.

- Be a Team Player and A leader,

- Must be able to coordinate, Activities, programs and carry out Community outreach.

Names can be added in the list or forwarded to whatsApp +264-81-210-1200