The task of unifying the various ethnic, religious, political, and socio-economic groupings in Nigeria has remained a daunting national challenge more than a hundred years after amalgamation in 1914. This is particularly puzzling considering that all government regimes since independence in 1960 have made national unity their important agenda. Concomitant programs, policies, and mantras including institutionalization of the federal character principle, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), unity schools, national symbols, National Orientation Agency (NOA), and mantras such as "the unity of the nation is not negotiable", among others have been adopted to facilitate national unity in Nigeria. Yet the gap between the various groupings seems wider as the nation is still plagued with ethnic rivalry, religious intolerance, political exclusion, the quest for self-determination, insecurity, power-sharing, and violent agitations to mention a few.

To this effect, the Council Secretary, National Judicial Council, Ahmed Gambo Saleh, Esq, has stated that Nigeria's unity is unnegotiable urging youth leaders to work immensely in the orientation of fellow youths in the country on the reasons why Nigeria must remain unified.

Ahmed who stressed on the struggles of our forefathers in attaining independence noted that their efforts shouldn't be traded with disunity no matter the reason.

The Council Secretary, National Judicial Council, Ahmed Gambo Saleh, Esq who made the statement in his office recently in Abuja during a visit paid on him by a youth body known as, Youth and Civil Society Coalition for Development, YCSCD, pointed out that the younger generation needs to be oriented on the benefits of unity.
"Agitations don't pay, rather courses more harms. The youths are the engine room of every country and as such, the youths should come to realise this", he added.

Comr. Aminu Aminu, President, Youth and Civil Society Coalition for Development, YCSCD who led the National Executives of the organisation outlined series of programs and policies that the Buhari-led administration is executing in favour of the youths.
" N-Power: 500,000 enrolled in 2 batches between 2016 and 2020 receiving 30,000 monthly, with an enrollment of the 3rd batch of 500,000 in progress, NYSC Monthly Allowance increased from N19,600 to N33,000; more than 300,000 beneficiaries monthly, 75 billion Naira Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), for businesses owned by young Nigerians aged between 18 and 35, Special Public Works Programme to provide 3-month employment to 774,000 young Nigerians across the country (1,000 beneficiaries per LGA), $20 million Fund for Nigerian Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs, managed by BOI, the National Young Farmers Scheme and the Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme (AADS).

"Others are the “Creative Industries Financing Initiative (CIFI); DEEL – D – Digital Skills E – Entrepreneurship E – Employability L – Leadership.

"Also, the NESP-Homes, the 5M Solar Connections Programme, the Energizing Education Programme, EEP, the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES), the Annual National MSME Awards, the National Survival Fund, and the 52% of loans disbursed by the FG-owned Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) in 2019 were to youths and women-owned businesses, among others as part of the President’s goodwill for the youths. We have never got it this good since independence", he added.

Speaking on the Judicial sector, Aminu Aminu thanked Ahmed Gambo Saleh, Esq, for strengthening the Nigeria Judicial system and his efforts in ensuring and sustaining a well-sanitized system as he assured him of a better engagement with the youths.