1. It is not true we are born with mortal sin. We are a spark of light in flesh to experience nature. We are energy, we are a spirit.

2. It is not true our ancestors were demonic or satanic. The truth is that good and evil are two extreme powers of nature and their purpose is to create, balance.

3. It is not true that God is in the sky and will come down to save you. God is in you already. You are the one to save yourself. The Creator is for everyone.

4. It is not true that God chooses some people to love and some people to hate. God is beyond pettiness. God is a neutral energy available to both the good and the bad. The choice is urs as well as the outcomes.

5. It is not true earth isn't our home. The fact is that we don't really die. When we die we live again in our children. Besides the earth is our first home.

6. It is not true that there is a spirit behind every bad. The truth is that good and bad are natural forces and depend on each other. Without toil there can't be joy.

7. It is not true that our ancestors are in hell. They are with the creator where our will be after death. It is only the creator who determines our fate.

Let's leave the God of the Jews alone. The bible said YHWH is the God of Israel. And a deity isn't the Creator because a dirty is created by the Creator. Let's accept our God of creation, the hidden one, the creative energy available to all.

Anyone can challenge me with this. But let's be logical and factual here so that we can add to knowledge. Lets know before we belief. Let's avoid blind faith, it hurts.